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A superior output of the Russian technology, LEX High Speed ESP System (LX) utilizes Permanent Magnet Motor with rotational speeds between 1,000 and 12,000 rpm.

  • High power efficiency (91%)

  • Shorter length of downhole system (2-3 times less compared to conventional pumps)

  • Reduced installation time

  • High abrasion resistance (2 g/l)

  • Reduced electric power consumption by 30-60% due to the improved efficiency of the whole ESP system

  • Reduced "human errors" thereby increasing the success of the workover program

  • Increased reliability through delivery of fully assembled string on well site priorly tested at LEX manufacturing facility

  • Flexibility at setting depth selection and lower workover costs due to short and slim equipment design


SynchroGear integrates power efficient Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor and smart Variable Speed Drive. Smart VSD provides a number of options for motor speed and rod load control, operation monitoring, failure risk mitigation, and production optimization.

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