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PROCUBEX is, as defined by our core values, a "unique solutions provider" for the energy companies upstream and downstream who face engineering problems that seem impossible to solve.

We apply three rules of success to bring the PROCUBEX quality to the industry, which are, differentiation, collaboration and innovation.

Story Behind

A word from the founder:

"Enthusiasm to cooperate and the availability of a wide range of expertise among experts will always continue to be two of the most important strengths of PROCUBEX."

 Alzade Güldağ, General Manager


Having seen both sides of the story —having worked both with operators and contractors in the oil, gas, and geothermal for many years, Alzade Güldağ —the founder of PROCUBEX, acted upon to fulfill the great need for a tailor-made touch to the product and service quality by founding an EPC company. Wherefore PROCUBEX was founded in Istanbul,
Turkey in early 2021 by Alzade Güldağ and his collaborative team of distant experts including professionals from various fields.

about alzade güldaĞ

Alzade Güldağ has worked as Drilling, Workover, and Production Engineer, Rig Manager, Drilling Manager, and finally Project Execution Deputy Manager in preeminent companies in different parts of the oil and gas world such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkey. He has extensive experience and a robust network established all around the world thanks to his competent, reliable, friendly name in the business.  
He devoted his life to solving technical problems both in his professional and personal life as easy as solving Rubik's cube.
He is the husband of a beloved wife and father of a beautiful daughter.
He is also a certified paragliding pilot —and yes, he solves the cube even in the sky!


Core Values


 Procubex Offices

                                    Istanbul, TURKEY              Budapest, HUNGARY                                               +90-535-745-8871             +36-21-252-74-71                             

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